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Duomo Pressfitting

An astonishing reproduction of the Cathedral of Milan, entirely made with pipes and fittings in carbon steel.

A triumph of glares and sparkle: the Cathedral of Milanas you have never seen it before! Designed by the young artist Giulia Calviand realized by hand with more than 2.400 fittingsand 600 metresof piping, “Duomo Pressfitting” has always a great success during its exhibitions.
Its architectural plan and proportions have been planned according to the original drawings of the cathedral. Considering the high aesthetic and iconic value of the work, we are looking for institutions interested in hosting it in a prestigious location.

  • Lenght: 13 ft
  • Width: 9,8 ft
  • Height: 9,8 ft
  • Weight: 2.645 pound
  • Year: 2018

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