TOBE Design

Genesis of an idea

How the project TOBE came to life.


For over 60 years, EUROTUBI EUROPA srl has specialized in curving metal pipes and particularly in the production of steel fittings using pressfitting technology. Eurotubi Pressfitting System fittings are used throughout the world to create high performance plumbing systems in both the civil and industrial environments. (


With a volume of 7 million fittings per year and the adoption of strict quality control, the manufacturing chain inevitably creates scraps. What happens to fittings that are considered to be nonconforming?


Thanks to the TOBE project, in collaboration with young designers, the scraps are reused to create furnishing elements and artistic sculptures.
TOBE offers exclusive and contemporary products, spreading an important message of transforming scrap into new resources for the future, to respect the environment.